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In 2013, Katy and her sister, Sara, found themselves working (once again) as 'glorified gardeners' for Dow Agrosciences. The job itself was nothing to brag about, but the people made it all worthwhile. It was during this time that they realized Lumby wasn't just 'the rival town up the valley' or 'those people on the less-great side of Mable Lake.' The van Dalfsens must have convinced their co-workers that people from Enderby could also be pretty great, because that summer a meddlesome Steve arranged a 'casual meeting' between Jake, his cousin, and Katy. This, incidentally, is where the Verhages join the story!

You see, in July 2013, a HUGE family wedding (although honestly, what weddings in this family are small?!) was set to occur. Mike and Erica Verhage were set to say their nuptials, and Jake, who had only recently moved back to the Okanagan after five years working for Kiewit in the Lower Mainland, held the best man title. Naturally, Steve could not allow Jake to attend the wedding without dates (yes, multiple), so the idea was proposed that Katy and Sara fill the void. It may never be clear what motivated Mike and Erica to add two strangers to their guest list five days before the wedding, but had they said no it is likely that Jake and Katy may never have met!

It was an EPIC wedding. The party made it to the wee hours of the morning, and in that time Jake and Katy met, talked and danced... a spark ignited, and the rest is history!

The wedding took place on sunny July 23 in Coldstream, BC where the couple were married, just five minutes away from their home, at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church. The ceremony was beautiful and touching with a little bit of humor to reflect the personalities of the newlyweds and when it was over the party could truly begin! Guests travelled to Enderby and the van Dalfsen family dairy farm, which has been in the family since Katy's grampa purchased it in the 1960s. Here guests were treated to cocktails by the Shuswap River, followed by the reception in a woodland wonderland. It was clear that the couple put significant time and effort into crafting a beautiful venue, creating the perfect atmosphere for celebrations that lasted well into the wee hours of Sunday morning! From a hand-crafted wooden bar, built by the groom and his dad, to lights and streamers hung so high that they required an actual lumberjack (a cousin of the groom) to install them, to five foot high hearts (lit by solar power), built and placed across the river by the bride's father, there was something new to admire at every turn. It was a truly stunning day that no one is likely to forget!