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Engagement - Stephanie & Justin

Its a special day when you meet someone you will unknowingly spend the rest of your life with.....

Well where do I begin, these two love birds began their journey 5 years ago in a GYM! Yup you heard correctly a GYM! There amazing and wonderful friends had planned numerous times to introduce these two together and play matchmaker. Well It Worked! Looking past the awkward sweaty introduction they spent countless days and nights getting to know eachother more and eventually falling in LOVE & where they are today!


On their 4 year anniversary that was spent in Banff ( One of Steph's FAV places) Justin planned a hike the first day, up to Johnston Canyon waterfalls. Where at the top he got down on one knee, lost for words he opened up a little blue box and said....... Stephanie Lynn Dowling , will you Marry Me?" Of course Steph said yes!!!

Now they are here today , these two are truly blessed , you can see the love they have for eachother when you look at them looking at eachother. I'm so excited for the memories to come and to be a part of your very special wedding day!



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