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Matt & Jennie - Robbins Range Rd

So excited to be a part of Jennie & Matt's special day August 2017! We had such an amazing time with this shoot. Matt was super excited he got to do a bit of 4x4'n so he was a happy man. We drove to the tops of the hills , it was such a romantic setting , so beautiful out. Jennie told me a little about how Matt proposed I love hearing the stories brides tell me , it makes me all giddy inside heheh.

- Jennie.....He took me for a drive to our old apartment from when we first moved to Fort McMurray. We had taken a selfie when we moved in and he wanted to recreate the selfie. After we took the picture he got down on one knee in the snow and proposed

Enjoy these pictures and stay tuned for their wedding :)

Cheers Richelle

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