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L & R - TRU Kamloops B.C

Such an amazing wedding to end 2016's wedding season. Thank you for being so gracious & fun to us at Richelle Marie Photography. The love seen between these two is so strong so beautiful. Lindsay expressed no man has every loved and cared for her the way Richard does. She thought that didn't exist till she found him. You can see the way Richard looks at her she is the most cherished thing in his life! That love is pure, that love is worth the find! Congratulations you too and the best wishes for you in the future.

Cheers Richelle

Photography- Richelle Marie Photography

Second Shooter- Megan Tomlinson Photography

Dress- Viva

Decor- Viva

Venue- TRU Ceremony

Venue- Colombo Reception

Food- Colombo

Make-up - Jennifer Best Makeup

Cake- COCOA Dot Cakes